Deposit Schemes

Reinvestment Deposit Scheme

Your Investment Multiples

  • This scheme offers all the advantages that an individual or corporate needs.
  • Besides providing SAFETY & QUICK LIQUIDITY to the depositor, the scheme has aUNIQUE features.
  • In this scheme an investor can deposit a lumsum amount for a long Term period.
  • Principal alongwith compound interest is repaid at the time of maturity.
  • The most convenient financial plan to ensure prosperous future of your children.
30 days to 180 Days 6.00 %
181 months to 12 months 7.00%
12 Months to onwards 10.00%
Damduppat 89 Months
RD Per Month 700 After 18 Years – 5 Lac
RD Per Month 1000 After 6 Years – 1 Lac